Speaking & Writing Engagements

Carla is a frequent speaker and writer on subjects close to her heart.

She speaks regularly on:

  • career development;
  • gender equality and equal opportunities;
  • charity and philanthropy; and
  • taking a commercial and proportionate approach to risk management.

Audiences at speaking assignments vary from a handful to over 1,000. She is equally happy speaking to audiences of all ages and experiences; from school children to board non-executive level.

Speaking assignments can be delivered in person, via webinars, or TV and online videos.

Click here for some of her written work on the Blog


“Many thanks once again for speaking at our Developing a Portfolio Career event, we received some great feedback from delegates, you scored the highest at our last event with 4.83 out of 5.00 (4.27 was the average).

We are running this event again and wanted to know if you are available and willing to participate?”

MichelleEvent Executive

“Carla, I took the feedback and listening from the Women in Finance and Operations Group today and they were on a real high. They thoroughly enjoyed your session and really heard the things you said about taking risks and backing yourself. Perfect messages and I really appreciated it. Thanks so much.” 

Alistair Group CFO

“Carla – A quick note to say your session was really well received today. We all appreciated you sharing your experience and wisdom so openly with us. You lifted the room and I have no doubt that the inspiration you created will have a lasting effect on many there today. So a huge thank you from me.” 

Angela Director

“Hi Carla, It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak yesterday. You have such an interesting portfolio of roles now, congratulations. I found several of your insights new, especially ‘always connect the dots’ and the idea of expected experience and uniques experiences. Kind regards ”


“Hi Carla, I didn’t get a chance to speak to you yesterday, but i just wanted to say thank you! Your talk was so interesting and inspiring. I hope I can have a career as interesting as yours!” 


“Dear Carla, Thank you very, very much for your engaging, relevant and memorable contributions to our G6 development programme launch on Monday.

I have just looked this morning at the set of ‘one thing I will take away from today…’ feedback. You’ll be interested to know that examples include: ‘putting myself in harm’s way’; ‘being a bird on the sea’; ‘drawing on lots of excellent insights from a diverse group of leaders’; ‘balancing leadership &management’ !” 


It was great to meet you on Tuesday. I certainly had no issue with losing to you and I thoroughly hope you go on to win the whole thing! It’s always brilliant to meet business women who are really genuine people and I recognised that in you straight away- I hope you enjoyed the rest of the night and – your speech was just the job!”